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Preparing for Easter

To talk about Easter in the middle of so many arctic blasts, torrential floods, and weather overload seems like poor timing. And yet, who doesn’t need resurrection power for unwanted circumstances.

Next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. It is the traditional beginning to the journey we should all take to prepare to receive Easter Truth in its life-changing potential. That won’t happen naturally. It won’t happen with one Sunday service. It will only happen if we take a special journey of remembrance and confession. It will only happen if we humble ourselves to the call of Jesus that led him to the cross


Ever since I have been introduced to the 40 days of preparation before Easter, I have marked the journey by getting rid of something that weighted or blocked my spiritual growth. Taking time to review Jesus’ life and teaching as I look toward the cross changes the way I hear Jesus’ words about life and death, love and forgiveness. I cannot paste my own comfortable meanings and still grow in Christlike ways.

That’s why I have prepared 40 days of devotional readings. I will make them available next week. You can download all 40 at once or you can download them week by week. I will choose one reading each week for my blog. If you have clicked through my last four blogs, you’ve already been introduced to some of them through the Search Me, Test Me, Point Me, Lead Me entries.

I hope you will take this journey with me. I think you know me and my writing well enough by now to know that I take no short-cuts or settle for feel-good pep-talks. These pieces have come from the heart-work I am asking Christ to do in me. It’s been a difficult year with the loss of our daughter. I need to celebrate resurrection truth as I never have. I need to celebrate it for her. I need to celebrate it for me.

Perhaps, we could all learn something so powerful that Easter Sunday becomes more than just a calendar day for great music and preaching; but becomes a watershed moment stronger than any New Year start because we begin live the resurrection power Christ came to give.

I have two personal requests. If you had any trouble downloading the Advent readings I offered, would you let me know? I certainly want to correct any problems as best I can. Also, consider sharing them. I am making the downloadable option open to anyone who signs up on my website. Thanks, in advance.

I would love to know that we are connecting on our journey to Easter through some truth that connects our hearts. I can hardly wait for the celebration waiting for us!

Join me?

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