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When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, and I mean put our heart and mind in every word and phrase, when we obey the instructions in ways that transform us and grow us; we are ready to celebrate. I think that’s why the early Christian leaders added this doxology at the end. It was their response to the corrective, redeeming, sanctifying work that occurs when we take the Lord’s Prayer seriously and live it as if all life depended on obeying it.

Living the Lord’s Prayer parts the skies for us to see a different reality. We have a close-up view of God at work in us.

We see the way God wants to work in His world. Our priority is His Kingdom rule come to our life and family. We acknowledge His power and understand that His power dominates all other powers. We recognize His magnificence, His otherness, His glory. It’s where we want to live, in a doxology that celebrates days and relationships and forgiveness and worship.

We are humbled and awed by the One who calls us to live this prayer in its redeeming power. We don’t have to shout “Glory!” at the top of our lungs; we just live in its glow.

Pray this ending doxology this week. Honor your Creator God whose name is your purest treasure. Use it to call you to discipleship that brings His Kingdom into your heart so it will live in your homes. Use it as gratitude for meeting your daily needs. Use it to celebrate your forgiveness and the power to forgive others. Sing it loudly when you experience God’s protective leading and deliverance. There is no other word that so powerfully exalts the One who does all of this for us. Just glory!

The next time you pray the Lord’s Prayer, be the loudest voice at the end. It will be your so-be-it-Amen! When you live this prayer, your life will become the only exclamation point you need.

For thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the Glory!

And we become living proof of it.

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