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Hope from Star Seekers

The Magi give me hope for every secular-minded, God-ignoring person on this planet. The Magi were God’s first clue that He sent His son to the whole world. They are reminders that God knows how to break into any stubborn, culturally comfortable person given to logical and intellectual pursuits over godly ones, even when they don’t believe God is in them.

Too many in the nation God had called and set apart to be His evangelists for the world had become arrogant and self-centered. So He opened the circle wider when He sent the Magi on a star journey. Think about it. Angels didn’t have as much credibility with these intellectuals. But stars . . . they would follow a star.

How long did they study the skies and the drawings before they recognized the phenomenon that would make them change everything they were doing? They were old world scientists discovering something new. It was enough reason to pack for a 400-mile journey, study literature outside of their intellectual leanings, and leave family and friends for a year or more.

We miss one of the most important truths about this invitation. It is this: if God knows how to get inside the heads of eastern world magi, He knows how to reach someone you love who rejects God for any reason. He knows how to send a targeted invitation better than the best marketer that exists. If anything will make a difference, God will send it. His rescue mission is at the forefront of His heart.

Even the Magi missed it at first. But God didn’t give up on them. He sent a dream that made all of them agree not to return to Herod. Their journey to Jerusalem had been a journey to find a new king. Their journey home had introduced them to a King of new journeys.

If you are carrying a long-held burden for someone in your family or circle of friends, read the story of the Magi again. God called them despite what they didn’t know about Him. Ask God to do it again for the one you love. Thank God for your front row seat where you can watch Him work and support any turning you begin to see. Love, listen, and support; but let God do the work He does best.

Only God can send the star!

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