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Lead Me

God has only one overarching goal as He shares His searching, testing and pointing counsel. He wants to bring us home. Not to an address on some tree-lined street. He wants to help us live our lives on this earth so that He can seamlessly extend our life with Him in Heaven. Our culture helps us forget this goal. Lots of good things distract us from it. God reminds us that this life is important but temporary.

Without God’s leading, we are lost. Lost in our own ways. Lost in our own arguments. Lost in our own self-rule. Unfortunately, living lost is accepted in our culture. But not in God’s. He wants to lead us. He wants to be the first voice we listen to. He wants to live close enough to whisper and nudge us toward the right path.

How willing are we to let God lead us? That’s what God’s searching and testing reveals. That’s why He points out where we are not as willing as we thought. He wants to get us back on the right path, the everlasting life path.


Finding the path to everlasting life does not take a map; it takes a heart change. The initial change comes when we receive His forgiveness and turn our hearts toward Him in every way. This “lead me” prayer is not an empty prayer to cover what you want to do or to pretend you really want God’s way when you don’t. This prayer must begin in a heart tuned to God’s heart and mind set. It’s not what some might call a “spiritual” path only for Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. This path involves your work, your family, your leisure, your thoughts, everything you call “this life.” To follow God on the path to everlasting life means you make kingdom-first choices in all areas of your life.

To live where life never runs out is the hope and sure promise we have in Christ. No other insurance plan, philosophy, or cultural acceptance can help us find the path to everlasting life. Only God’s leading. While this life on earth is all we have now, it is not all there is. From the rising of the sun to its setting, keep asking God to lead you; and He will.

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