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How Does God Use What He Knows?

How we respond to what God knows about us grows our relationship with God or interferes with it. We may be very comfortable with letting God know everything about the world, but we would rather inform God than listen to what He says about who we are and who His will can make us.

What I know about myself could fill a few books; what God knows about me could fill a library. Which information should I base my decisions and priorities on?

However, if you believe He holds that information over your head waiting to remind you of every shortcoming, how will that develop a hunger to be with Him more? But if you believe He uses everything about you to guide you, love you, heal you, grow you; you have a different response. You need what He knows. That need will always bring you closer to Him if you let it.

Furthermore God leads with love toward you. No matter what you have experienced with any other person, never forget that God leads with love. More than that, He leads with unfailing love. When God brings His unfailing love full force into our lives, He brings an embrace that goes all the way to the deepest hurt or fear we’ve ever experienced. It is in that deep place we learn devotion and trust. We are willing to open more closed doors in our hearts because we trust His love, His unfailing love. We want His truth more than our best understanding. We become devoted to pursuing His truth.

If you want a deeper devotional life, it isn’t just about getting more knowledge; it is about getting more truth. We need God to tell us what He thinks about our priorities, motivations, finances, perceptions. If God knows everything about us, we have to accept that we might not. Your hunger for His truth fires a devotion to meet with Him so that He can guide you into His truth with His unfailing love. God’s truth applied with His unfailing love has astounding results in a heart tuned to hear and a life willing to follow.

Quiet Circle Time

Re-read these two verses from Psalm 139:

O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. (verse 1)

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. (verse 6)

Is this the way you respond to everything God knows about you? Be honest with God about it.

Then read 1 John 3:1:

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us.

Think about what it means to be lavished with His unfailing love. Is it enough love to grow your trust in what He knows about you? Wherever there is hesitancy, let God bring His love to you there and your devotion to the One Who loves with unfailing love will deepen.

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