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Where God Delivers

If we don’t pray for God to lead us, how can we pray for Him to deliver us?

Evil snakes its way through our lives, our family’s lives, and our most pressing world issues. Evil is everything God is not. Evil wants to destroy, confuse, neutralize, or scare you into a paralysis that makes you easy bait. Evil is the war declared on your soul. Evil is the subtle nudge to make peace with the world instead of God.

That’s why the first prayer is so important. Lead me is what you pray to make sure you don’t inadvertently find yourself in enemy territory. If you are where God leads you, you are where God can protect you best. You can pray with confidence for God’s deliverance.

But you can’t script God’s deliverance. Sometimes God’s deliverance is a rescue team. Sometimes it is a warning. More often it is a power that protects your inner being against giving up or blaming or becoming bitter or cynical.

Remember, God is a delivering God. He has been on a rescue mission since the Satan slithered up close enough to Eve to lead her into temptation. He sent Jesus to be our deliverer, to help us recognize evil when it takes the same sneaky approach. God’s biggest work of deliverance is not to swoop down and protect us from facing evil, His biggest work is to open our eyes and help us see how naked, defenseless, and hopeless evil leaves us.

Maybe if really recognized how negative influences, watered down values, and seductive priorities are all part of the attack of the Evil One on us; we would be more diligent in praying lead me so that You can deliver me!

God’s deliverance from evil does not take evil out of our world. We still live in a world where evil is trying to undo everything God did from the beginning. But the good news is evil won’t win the war; God will.

I pray this deliver me prayer to make sure I know where I am vulnerable so I will recognize God’s deliverance. I pray this prayer so that I am sensitive to God’s quick nudge, whispered warning, or persistent “No!” If I won’t follow His lead, how could he possibly deliver me?

Pray the two prayers together this week. Lead me not so that I won’t be where I don’t belong. Deliver me in ways I will recognize my Father’s protective work in my life. Then, you’ll be ready for the “Glory” celebration next week.

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