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A Level Place

After naming his disciples and calling them together, Jesus left the quiet hillside to face the crowd that was waiting for him. They had probably heard he was near. Their presence was an expectant, ready-to-listen audience no one had summoned. The crowd hoped it was the invitation Jesus needed to speak.

As Jesus surveyed the group, he saw familiar faces from those who had been following him as well us new faces from the surrounding area. Not one to send people away, he looked at the terrain and found a “level place,” (Luke 6:17) where he could stand and teach.

Who Am I?

They were just three words, but they awoke a longing inside me that had been dormant. I tried to find myself in the waiting crowd, but no. I knew who I was: I was the one who needed "a level place.”

Life had been nothing anyone would call “level.” Ups and downs in Lisa’s care, writing in spits and spurts; all made me feel frazzled and seriously lost. I wanted a level place where I wouldn’t trip on the unexpected. After all, I am not the sure-footed mule to be trusted with rocky inclines and downhill tread. I prefer smooth, even, level places.

But my way is rarely smooth or level, and I stumble continuously. Unexpected demands scatter like rocks at my feet. Brain drain piles my deadlines like a rock slide I will not survive. Attempting such an obstacle course leaves me nearly ready to quit. I want a level place where I will not fear falling. And when I am truly honest, I really want easy.

That’s when I understand my error. I cannot expect level places in life. That’s why Jesus said, “I am the Way.” (John 16:6) He becomes my level road. If I stand firmly in Him, he offers me an accessible path. If I walk into the unknown, He is the Way that will get me through.

So today, I will let Jesus be my Road and my feet will find sure footing. I will stand firm and steady no matter the bumpy circumstances. Even though nothing is easier, I can find new balance. I learn again, never expect life, with its unpredictable circumstances, to give what Jesus, Himself, wants to provide.

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