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Where's My Sign from God?

When I am lost, I look for signs. Street signs. Landmark signs. However, what I really want is to see someone lifting up a sign that says: “This way, Debbie.” Then, I would know it is MY sign.

We do that with God, don’t we? We want our very own sign from God when choices confuse or when a direction isn’t clear. We want a sign to help us know for sure. Sometimes we look for one so hard that we pick anything that looks or feels right. And then we make our case for why this was our sign from God.

But deep inside, we still wonder.

Could it be that we look in the wrong places for God’s signs? God gives us signs but not always the ones we wish we had. We need to remember that we’re on a faith journey and faith journeys begin in the heart, not the head. The Keeper of our hearts will give us signs our hearts understand. These signs are not simply emotional feelings. They are nudges, openings, or an awareness that grows stronger. If we don’t start with the signs God sends to our heart, we might grab the first circumstantial event as a “sign” of our own choosing.

So what are God’s heart signs? I believe these are the three most important.


Peace is a sign. Not circumstantial peace that simply removes whatever triggered fear or stress. This peace comes despite circumstantial distress. This is not a substitute panacea we talk ourselves into. because we’re supposed to have peace. This peace happens deep inside in a way that defies explanation. It’s the peace that takes us through times without clear answers. It’s the peace that doesn’t make sense against our circumstances but makes sense in our heart where God is in charge. This peace lasts a lot longer than circumstantial peace.


Hope is another sign. God always gives us a reason to hope. We lose our

way when we only look for hope to show up in the way we want circumstances to change. God never promised we would find His hope there. We find hope in Him and His never-changing character. We take another look at who God is and what He knows. There is an abundance of hope there. We hope for what God will do, not what we want Him to do. This hope always heads us in the right direction—toward God. That’s a good sign you can depend on.


Timing is another sign. However, it can be easy to miss and misuse. Jesus talked more than once about his timing. He only acted when it was time to act. Certain actions, attitudes, and circumstances had to come together for it to be his time. He never told us what all the signs were; he just told us that he listened to his Father for confirmation. For us Western World time-followers, this is hard to practice. It is even harder when we add manipulation and control to the equation. Instead, we must use the spiritual eyes of our heart as our timepiece. We look for a coming together of factors that are not within our control to bring together. That’s when we see God behind it all and our heart knows the answer: it is time.

These are three of the most important signs I look for. They serve us better than what might seem easier to confirm. They move us forward in difficult times, because that’s what God’s signs do: they move us forward . . . toward Him, always toward Him.

Where have you seen these signs and followed them? Where have you missed them? Return to them today and you’ll find your sign, and it will take you where God is pointing.

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